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Acute Tax Services, LLC

Acute Tax Service specializes in providing friendly, personal and professional tax accounting services at a price you can afford.

Acute Tax Service is located in the metropoliton area of Columbus, Ohio.  However, we can address all tax accounting needs and concerns for individuals and businesses across the country.

My services are based upon cultivating relationships and providing each client with professional tax and accounting needs.  No two tax situations are identical.  From the simplest to the most complex tax return, I offer each client the same attention to detail and focus.  All my clients know they can call or meet me year-round to discuss even the smallest tax or accounting issue. I am an independent tax preparer who appreciates your business.  Unlike larger tax preparers, I don't charge a fee for every form to be completed or efiled.  I will review all the tax information you supply to insure you receive the maximum tax breaks allowed and pay the least amount of tax possible.  You'll discover my tax service can prepare your returns for little more than you would pay if you purchased tax software and did it yourself.  In addition, you have the added comfort of knowing the information you provided was entered correctly by a professional tax preparer.  As an Enrolled Agent (see definition below) I am able to represent you in front of the IRS in the rare event of an audit or tax examination, whether I prepared your return or not.

If your schedule is loaded or you're elderly or disabled, an appointment with a tax preparer can be inconvenient.  I can solve that for you!  It's not a problem when you work with me.  I will arrange a time to pick up your information if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area.  I'll spend a few minutes getting the basic information I need, then will be off.  There will be a small additional charge for this service, but if you're elderly or disabled I will do it for free.  No other income tax service (that I know of) in the Columbus area offers this service.  I am ready and willing to go the extra mile for you!

Also, if you need assistance with budgeting, inventory control and other special accounting projects, such as fixed asset management or cash forecasting? Please view the Accounting Services and Tax Services tabs for a more complete listing of opportunities available.

Beyond a philosophical approach, I strive each and every day to make integrity and honesty core values of my practice.  My goal is to establish long lasting relationships with every client and to be a tax preparer you can depend on year after year.

Please explore my site to learn more about the services I offer and how my tax preparation and accounting services can benefit you.


Enrolled Agent:  A tax professional who has passed an IRS exam covering all aspects of taxation, plus passed an IRS background check.  The examination covers all aspects of federal tax law, including the taxation of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and various regulations covering IRS collections and audit procedures.  Like CPAs and tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents can handle any type of tax matter and represent their client's interests before the IRS.  Unlike CPAs and tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents are tested directly by the IRS and Enrolled Agents focus exclusively on tax accounting. 

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